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Some of the services provided by Mr. Long  and the Law Office of Robert I. Long

for Homeowner Associations:


  • Assisting developers to comply with development conditions for a new common interest development (CID). Note: ‘CID’ is the official acronym of ‘HOA’ in California.
  • Providing other HOA formation services including clarifying inconsistencies between the tentative and final maps, preparation of Articles of Incorporation, Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), and Bylaws.
  • While a name partner with MYERS, WIDDERS, GIBSON AND LONG  LLP in Ventura, CA, Mr. Long participated in numerous complex construction defect cases, helping to recover  large awards for HOA’s, often in the millions or tens of millions of dollars, against developers, providing the association with the financial resources to remedy construction deficiencies and dangerous conditions.




  • Representing a newly formed association after a predecessor association had been driven to insolvency and the brink of bankruptcy following a series of calamities and mismanagement, ultimately guiding the newly constituted association to fiscal recovery.

  • Providing pre-lien letters and liens for delinquent accounts and advising associations in selecting between various available collection remedies. When appropriate, representing the association through trial to judicially foreclose its lien.

  • Advising and representing the association in contract matters including negotiating a new management contract, a vendor proposal for services or a contractor proposal for maintenance, repairs or improvements.

  • Representing the association in disputes with homeowners, vendors, contractors and managers; including, as necessary, representation at mediation, arbitration or trial.

  • Providing legal memoranda and opinions and performing other general counsel work such as assisting in the conduct of elections.

  • Governing document amendment and modification including, when necessary and available, judicial proceedings to confirm the amendment.

     No stranger to the Community Associations Institute (CAI), Mr. Long served three terms in a row on the Board of Directors of the Channel Islands Chapter, culminating in his year as Chapter President in 1996. He is a frequent speaker and author regarding community association topics; has chaired or participated in countless CAI events including ABC’s and luncheon programs, workshops, the Trade Faire and Awards Banquet, and various committees; and has attended conferences at the state and national levels. 

     The Law Office of Robert I. Long is selective in choosing clients to represent, and prides itself in giving prompt, personal service. 




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