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     The Law Office of Robert Long is a general civil law practice, meaning we do not practice criminal law.  General practice encompasses legal issues commonly encountered by individuals and families. It might involve researching whether the client has a legally enforceable right, and the best or most practical means of enforcing that right.  Or, when threatened with legal action, researching both the facts and law to determine whether the threat holds water. 
     General practice also includes preparation and review of documents such as leases and contracts to assist the client understanding the potential consequences of entering into the agreement, negotiating advantages and removing ambiguities.

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     The Law Office of Robert I. Long provides a wide range of real property services and representation.  Clients have included both purchasers and sellers of property as well as developers, Realtors, companies and government entities.  Services have included: recovering or defending against claims for damages in connection with defective construction, landslides and debris flows; property-line disputes and adjustments; creation and extinguishment of easements; lot-line adjustments; actions to enforce or defend against claims of trespass or nuisance; and representation of private landowners faced with a government taking of property pursuant to eminent domain.    

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     For over thirty years Robert I. Long has been providing the full gamut of legal services to as many as a hundred different homeowner associations (HOAs). 

     Services have included creation of HOAs, original governing document drafting and modification, assisting in complex construction defect litigation, collecting delinquent assessments, providing general counsel services and responding to the myriad legal situations encountered by common interest developments including condominium projects, apartment co-ops, planned developments and timeshare projects.   

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     Estate-planning needs vary widely and are rarely met by a one-size-fits-all set of forms. For some individuals a simple Will, Power of Attorney, and Advance Health Care Directive are all that is needed or appropriate for their circumstances. For many couples, a Revocable Living Trust is indicated, particularly if the family situation requires special attention to the needs of some beneficiaries. The process must begin by establishing a relationship with the estate-planning attorney. The Law Offices of Robert I. Long will assist you in determining a plan that best suits your situation.  

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     For over thirty years, Robert I. Long has provided a full range of probate services for decedent estates, assistance in establishing and carrying out the duties of conservatorship, and providing advice and services in connection with ongoing trust administration. Whether the estate is small or large, with or without a will, contested or unopposed, includes out-of-state assets or includes a will or trust contest, Mr. Long has successfully handled almost every imaginable situation involving probates, conservatorships and trusts.   

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LITIGATION  (including Personal Injury)

             Cases donít start in court.  They begin with the event giving rise to claims, be it an injury-causing accident, a breach of contract, or a breach of a legal duty.  That may be followed by a period of investigation followed by demands for compensation, or to comply, or to desist from continuing with offending conduct.  This period of investigation and negotiation often leads to the matter being settled.  But when it does not, you want an attorney who is unafraid to go to court for you.    

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            Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), or Corporation; which one is right for me?  Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Consult with the Law Office of Robert I. Long to find out which one is best for your circumstances. Already have a company?  We can help with navigating the regulatory requirements.   

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