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Examples of  Probate, Conservatorship  and  Trust  matters handled by
Robert I. Long  and the  Law Office  of  Robert I. Long:


  • Representation of personal representatives in decedent estate and conservatorship matters from inception to conclusion. Services include preparing the initial petition, publication of required notices, securing a fiduciary bond, communicating with the court-appointed referee and/or investigator, completion of the Inventory and Appraisal, preparing required accounts and reports of administration, preparing a Petition for Instructions as needed, appearing at hearings, assisting with sales including sales of real property, and obtaining, as appropriate, an Order for Final Distribution, a Discharge Order or other order completing the case. 

    Since 1984, Robert I. Long has at all times had probate, conservatorship and trust matters pending in courts throughout Southern California.  The average length of time for a straightforward decedent probate case, start to finish, is about 10 months if there are no real property sales.

  • Initiating court proceedings on behalf of a beneficiary to compel a trustee to account and, in a proper case, having the trustee replaced and/or surcharged (fined).
  • Representing the proponent or the contestant in a will contest or trust contest.
  • Advising trustees in the course of trust administration, and representing them in legal actions brought against them or the trust, e.g., by a creditor of the Settlors (the individuals who established the trust).
  •  Setting up a Special Needs Trust (SNT) for a disabled individual or someone unable to manage his or her own financial affairs, and representing or advising the Trustee or the Beneficiary.




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