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  Examples of typical  Real Property Matters  handled by the  Law Office of  Robert I. Long

  • Assisting a private landowner with a lot-line adjustment, it was necessary to retain and adequately describe an easement for ingress and egress (i.e., driveway) over one lot to serve the other lot.
  • Following torrential rains various persons’ properties were damaged and in one case completely destroyed.   Representing owners of two of the affected parcels, the Law Office of Robert I. Long successfully obtained and collected jury verdicts in favor of the clients against an uphill landowner whose construction activity was alleged to have caused or contributed to the damages. The gross amount of the award was in excess of one million dollars.
  • An entire neighborhood of homes had been inadequately survey-marked at the time it was developed, resulting in a series of encroachments on numerous adjacent properties. The Law Office of Robert I. Long advised and assisted in the lot-line adjustments and agreements, which avoided potentially disastrous demolition and reconstruction of numerous homes and improvements.
  • In a state eminent domain case to widen a state highway, Robert I. Long assisted senior counsel in advising a rancher regarding the proposed compensation offer, obtaining appraisals and expert testimony and, ultimately, obtaining greater compensation than the State had originally offered.
  • A homeowner was faced with numerous code violations on his property, and a Notice of Noncompliance had been recorded against the property by the County of Ventura . The Law Office of Robert I. Long successfully navigated the numerous administrative agencies and procedures involved to reduce the penalties, assist with demonstrating that any violations either had not existed or had been abated, and ultimately obtained a Release of the Notice of Noncompliance.   
         When faced with such violations, it is important that the property owner promptly contact an attorney familiar with administrative procedures in order to avoid losing valuable rights such as the right to challenge the validity of the claimed violations or the imposition of fines and penalties. A single building or zoning violation may require a timely demand for a review of the agency action, obtaining a release from the Environmental Health Division, a Zone Clearance from the Planning Department, and a demolition permit and inspection(s) from the Building and Safety Department.




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